HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure w/fans and power

HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure w/fans and power

HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure w/fans and power + 16xBL460c G6 CTO Server Blades

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HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure w/fans and power

HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure w/fans and power + 16xBL460c G6 CTO Server Blades

HPE BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure


HPE BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure – Front ViewHPE BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure – Rear View
1-16.Device Bays 1-161.Active Cool 200 Fans and Fan Bays
17-22.Power Supply Bays 1-62.Interconnect Module Bays
23.Insight Display3.BladeSystem Onboard Administrator (left) and optional redundant Onboard Administrator (right)
4.Power Inputs (single-phase 200-240V AC model shown)
HPE BladeSystem c-Class c7000 Enclosure HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure w/fans and power – An HPE BladeSystem solution starts with either a BladeSystem c7000 or c3000 enclosure. For the c7000 enclosure, key enclosure options include hot-plug power supplies, power input module, hot-plug HPE Active Cool Fans, and an optional redundant BladeSystem Onboard Administrator module. Once the enclosure and its key components have been selected, the following components can be added: interconnect modules, HPE ProLiant or Integrity server blades, expansion blades, and HPE OneView or Insight Control management software. For information on these options please visit: https://www.hpe.com/us/en/integrated-systems/bladesystem.html


NOTE: Insight Control is not supported with Gen10 server blades.
A BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure holds up to 16 server blades and up to 8 compute, storage or workstation blades plus redundant network and storage interconnects. It includes a shared, multi-terabit high-speed midplane for wire-once connectivity of server blades to network and shared storage. Power is delivered through a pooled power backplane that ensures the full capacity of the redundant hot-plug power supplies is available to all system components.

Each c7000 enclosure is built with the following functions:

  • Up to 16 half-height server blades, 8 full-height server blades, and/or 8 expansion blades per enclosure (not exceeding 16 total blades).
    NOTE: For information on mixing half-height server blades, full-height server blades, and expansion blades, please see the section titled “Device Bay and Fan Bay Numbering and Population Guidelines” later in this document.
  • Up to 4 redundant interconnect I/O fabrics (Ethernet, Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, iSCSI, SAS, etc.) supported simultaneously within the enclosure.
  • Choice of single-phase high-line AC, three-phase high-line AC, single-phase high voltage AC, -48V DC, or high voltage DC power options for flexibility in connecting to datacenter power.
  • HPE Thermal Logic technology to minimize power consumption and reduce cooling.
  • A minimum of four hot-plug HPE Active Cool 200 Fans. For additional capacity, redundancy, and improved power consumption and acoustics, Active Cool 200 Fan kits can be added for a maximum of 10 fans.
  • Redundant hot-plug cooling, redundant hot-plug power supplies, redundant connections, redundant interconnect modules, and optional redundant BladeSystem Onboard Administrator management module.

An BladeSystem Onboard Administrator management module is built in to the enclosure with the following functions:

  • Robust, multiple enclosure setup and control.
  • Reports asset and inventory information for the devices in the enclosure.
  • Reports thermal and power information, including real-time actual power usage per server and per enclosure.
  • Front-mounted Insight Display for easy management within the datacenter.
  • Integrated access to all server blade iLOs from a single cable.
  • Provides integrated access to interconnect bay device management ports from the single BladeSystem Onboard Administrator cable.
  • Single sign-on capability for all devices in the enclosure
  • Role-based security locally and/or with LDAP directory services.
  • Provides a wizard-based initial setup process for easy configuration.

A BladeSystem c7000 enclosure provides the following benefits:

  • With local and remote hardware management integrated across the solution, one full enclosure can be managed as easily as one server.
  • Management and network interconnects extend scalability beyond a single enclosure, allowing resources to be pooled and shared across multiple enclosures.
  • Accommodates multiple server and network designs in one enclosure.
  • Lower costs per server in comparison to rack-mounted servers.
  • Lower power consumption in comparison to rack-mounted servers.
  • Lower airflow requirements in comparison to rack-mounted servers.
  • Reduced and simplified cabling in comparison to rack-mounted servers.
  • Investment protection supporting G1 through Gen9 server blades.
HPE BladeSystem c-Class c3000 EnclosureFor customers that need a smaller blade system, the HPE BladeSystem c-Class c3000 Enclosure is the perfect solution. Supporting up to 8 blades and 4 interconnects, the c3000 enclosure provides an ideal solution for small and medium businesses and remote sites. For more information please visit: https://www.hpe.com/us/en/integrated-systems/bladesystem.html
HPE ProLiant & Integrity Server BladesDelivering best-in-class performance, choice and reliability on Intel® Xeon® and Intel® Itanium ® processors for Windows, Linux, Solaris, OpenVMS or HP-UX based servers; the HPE portfolio of server blades supports a variety of application requirements for scale-out architectures. Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers one-, two-, four- , or eight processor server blades, with the widest range of performance, and form factors. For more information please visit: https://www.hpe.com/us/en/integrated-systems/bladesystem.html.
HPE D2200sb Storage BladeDo you need a direct attached or shared storage solution within your BladeSystem enclosure?

Direct attached storage
The D2220sb Storage Blade delivers direct attached storage for c-Class Gen8 and greater server blades with support for up to twelve hot plug small form factor (SFF) SAS or SATA Midline hard disk drives or SAS/SATA SSDs. The enclosure backplane provides a PCI Express connection to an adjacent c-Class server blade and enables high performance storage access without any additional cables. The D2220sb Storage Blade features an onboard Smart Array P420i controller with 2GB flash-backed write cache for increased performance and data protection. Up to eight D2220sb storage devices can be supported in a single BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure for up to 115.2 TB of capacity.

Two ways to create shared storage with the D2220sb
Use HPE StoreVirtual VSA software to turn the D2220sb into an iSCSI SAN for use by all servers in the enclosure and any server on the network. HPE VSA software is installed in a virtual machine on a VMware ESX host server adjacent to the D2220sb. HPE StoreVirtual VSA turns the D2220sb into a scalable and robust iSCSI SAN, featuring storage clustering for scalability, network RAID for storage failover, thin provisioning, snapshots, remote replication, and cloning. Expand capacity within the same enclosure or to other BladeSystem enclosures by adding additional D2220sb Storage Blades and HPE VSA licenses. A cost effective bundle of the D2220sb Storage Blade and a HPE StoreVirtual VSA license makes purchasing convenient. If storage needs increase, add HPE P4300 or P4500 systems externally and manage everything via a single pane of glass.

The HPE StoreEasy 3830 and 3840 Gateway Storage Blades are flexible storage server solutions for BladeSystem environments. Combine the StoreEasy 3830 or 3840 with the D2220sb Storage Blade to enable file serving and iSCSI shared storage inside the BladeSystem enclosure.
NOTE: The D2220sb requires a c7000 Enclosure configuration with 10 fans.

NOTE: The D2220sb is compatible only with Gen8 and Gen9 server blades.

For more information, please visit: https://www.hpe.com/h20195/v2/GetHTML.aspx?docname=c04111399.

HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure – 507019-B21 open_in_new

QTY 16 – BL460c G6 CTO Server Blades – 507864-B21 open_in_new

Detailed Specification / Configuration for HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure
Brand / ManufacturerHP
Server FamilyBladeSystem
Onboard Administrator2 (two = dual/redundant)
Power Supplies(s)6 × 2450W 200V – 240V
Fans10 × Active Cool Fans
Interconnect Bay 11 × Cisco Catalyst 3020 Blade Switch
Interconnect Bay 21 × HP 414037-001 GbE2c Ethernet Blade Switch
Input power moduleSingle phase 200 – 240VAC
Detailed Specification / HP BL460c G6 CTO Blade Serve
Brand / ManufacturerHP
Server FamilyProLiant
ModelHP BL460c G6 CTO US Blade
Total Number of Installed Processors0 (two capable)
Processor(s)Intel® Xeon® Processor 5500 Series open_in_new
MemoryPC3-10600R DDR3-1333
RAID ControllerHP Smart Array P410i Controller
Hard Drives2 × 2.5″ SAS/SATA Hot-Swap
RAID ConfigurationRAID 0, 1
Mezzanine CardsQMH2462 4Gb FC HBA
Remote ManagementHP Integrated Lights-Out 2 (iLO 2)
Installed OSN/A
ConditionUsed / Excellent / Tested / Configured
This item is used, in excellent condition. The server has been tested and all of the components operating properly. Furthermore, it has been completely configured and ready to be put to work out of the box!

HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure w/fans and power

HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure w/fans and power



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